My Reading Friend, I Want To Challenge You ~

No Matter What You May Be Facing In Life At

This Moment ~ To Go Out And, By Faith, Take

Your Mountain.

You May Have Before You Mountains Of

Problems To Be Solved, Difficulties To Unravel,

Challenges That Seem To Defy Solutions.

You May Be Facing……

* Mountains Of Despair

* Mountains Of Hopelessness

* Mountains Of Defeat

* Mountains Of Heart Ache

* Mountains Of Sorrow

* Mountains Of Broken Dreams And Shattered Hopes

*Mountains Of Seemingly Unconquerable

Habits And Unsolvable Problems

The World Is Looking For Positive, Pro-active

People Who Leap Into The World’s Need And

With Courage Say, “Give Me This Mountain!”

Page 27 Developing A Winning Attitude ~ From


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Reading It Today!

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